Presentations and keynote

Mental wellness and performance are personal climbs and it's takes the correct guidance to help the individual achieve.

Mental performance within your sport is crucial. whether you want to get to the top or just improve your current crop of results then these presentations are for you. I will teach you and your club the mental tools that are required, helping to gain the results you want. I also want to encourage good mental health practices and encourage wellness in schools, workplaces and organisations. Through presentations and keynote speaking the individuals can listen, think about and connect the discussions to their own wellness or mental health worries. My role as the coach is to help facilitate change and through presentations and keynote speaking, the listeners come away feeling that little bit lighter and with an understanding of how they can implement that change.

It is my goal to ensure that your pupils, work colleagues or organisation members understand how they can achieve their personal ambitions and overcome the barriers that may be preventing them from obtaining them.

My talks can be specifically tailored to the needs of the room. For example, at a school I can discuss how to manage the pressures GCSE exams may have on the mental well being of your pupils; I can advise them on techniques relating to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) that can help them to overcome the stresses of their exams and therefore achieve the best out of their ability.

I am an accredited NLP master practitioner and have certification in sports psychology and mental performance; so I really know how to help you to get the best out of a group. I use a range of techniques that are sure to change the results for the better.

If you would like to hear more about the presentations, the next phase is for us to have a chat.

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