Sports Performance 

If the mindset is wrong before the performance then the battle can be lost before you even face the opponent.

Are your team or individual results not where they should be? Does your inner talk let you down when it needs to inspire you most? Perhaps you want to move to the next level with your sporting endeavours? My sports performance coaching is about helping you to think and behave in such a way that ensures you will perform at your best.

              I am the mindset coach with swindon wildcats ice hockey team and work with team GB tap dancing team

If you are serious about improving your game and results then mastering the mental side of it is crucial.


if your focus and confidence drops during the game it can lead to a whole host of negative behaviours, you need mental toughness to get back on track.

Your internal coach is with you ALL match. Sports performance coaching will give you the mental tools you need to keep inner coach on your side before, during and give positive analysis after.

I am an accredited NLP practitioner and have certification in sports psychology and mental performance; so I really know how to help you to get the best out of yourself. I use a range of techniques that are sure to change your results for the better, so if you're serious about your sporting endeavours, let's talk about it.

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