I have worked with many people to help them achieve their goals, overcome fears and live better. 

Take a look at just a few thoughts from some previous clients of JL mindset performance. Since my sessions are confidential, the identities of some clients have been protected, others have allowed their first name to be given.

I could help you overcome your barriers too, all we need to do is talk about it.

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Client Facebook Recommendation

'5 Stars


John has helped me for the last 3/4 months to overcome my severe anxiety problems. There will never be a cure for anxiety as it's a natural occurrence but John has showed me how to control the feeling. John taught me that no matter what the obstacles I can overcome them. Thank you mate.'

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Reach the Top

'After an extremely tough 12 months personally I decided to challenge myself physically and mentally by joining the Army Reserve. This was a daunting task in itself and pushed me right out out of my comfort zone. After not passing my first selection I found it very hard to stay positive and motivated to continue. My mindset was continuously telling me I wasn't good enough or capable!

I met with John hoping to improve my thinking around the situation... but I left with vastly more.

I learned coping mechanisms and strategies to deal with difficult and uncomfortable situations. I learned that the way I spoke to myself was hugely important. I learned what was stopping me from achieving and the changes I needed to make (no matter how small) to get me to fulfil my goal.

I am currently in full training preparing myself for my next selection date and I can't wait to start my journey with the Army Reserve, which I know will help me grow as a person.

My session with John was both challenging but fun and his direct feedback was invaluable for improving my thought process. He has a calm and logical method of coaching that truly connected and inspired me. I can't speak highly enough of John's work.

Thank you'

Referred Client

'After losing a loved one, I became withdrawn and found my view of the future rather pessimistic. John was recommended by a work colleague and we have had sessions on how to put away my negative thoughts and concentrate on my plus' and more positive ways of thinking which gave me more clarity on how to focus on the things that really matter rather than the ones that don't and have no control over.

This really helped and even when things seem a little hard work I can now revert to his notes and mind drills to get back to my happy place.

I would recommend John's help to anyone.'